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apple seeds Dubai

It was a total honor to stop at apple seeds in Dubai two days ago.  After being there one year ago, after the opening, I was once again in awe of how they translate our business into a successful community space for young children and their families.  I was so proud!   Rachelle, Nagesh, Neal, Sophia, Natalie, the entire team and their incredible leader Reem... we feel lucky to have this extended apple seeds Dubai family.



A truly worthwhile read by our great friend (and Virayoga owner) Elena Brower.

Elena has an incredible following in the world of yoga. She founded Virayoga in 2002 and led a class of 10,000 (!) in Central Park. Alison, who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, loves going to her class because Elena has an incredible balance of practice and therapy. I love going for the same reasons…and because Elena and I went to sleep away camp together forever.  Or at least it felt like forever.  If you have ever been to sleep away camp you know the kind of friends you make there.  They hold a special place in your heart.  Back then, Elena was Lainie.  She was tall, skinny as a rail, with tube socks up to her knobby knees.  She was hilarious, smart, unbelievably creative and beautiful both inside and out. She still is all those things…minus the tube socks.
Here is an incredibly thoughtful blog she wrote about how we can be respectful with our kids.

This originally appeared in Alignyo – an amazing daily yoga newsletter started by one of Alison’s friends… check it out.

To learn more about Elena visit http://virayoga.com/.

Alison & Allison


Employee of the Month: Doris Pang!

Congrats Doris! You are the March employee of the month! Ever since you started working at apple seeds everyone has noticed how things always run a little smoother when you are on the floor.You have such a great work ethic, which is a great example for your fellow team members. It has been wonderful to see you settle in and form such a great rapport with so many of the children and caregivers. We are so happy to have you onboard and look forward to your continued success!


By Dov Schlanger
(with a tiny bit of help from Ari and Allison Schlanger)

Our blog is being hijacked by Dov Schlanger, in honor of his best friend Jack Berna’s birthday.
Since Dov is 3 ½, he had lots of thoughts about Jack, but the “writing it all down” was a bit challenging.
Here’s his first draft.

I decided it might be easier if we did it interview style.  I started asking the questions and then my son, Ari (9) took over.

Here we go…

Me:  Guess whose birthday is coming up?

Dov: Sam and Ari’s!

Me: We just celebrated their birthday. Guess whose birthday is next?

Dov: Points to himself.

Me: Yes. You are next in our family, but we still have 3 months to go. We are going to celebrate someone’s birthday before yours…Do you want me to tell you?

Dov: Yes!

Me: Jack’s birthday is next.

Dov: Jack Berna?

Me: Yes.

Dov: I love Jack Berna!

Me: I know you do.
(I pause because I love Dov’s gut reaction the minute he hears Jack’s name - so Ari jumps in.)

Ari: What do you like to do with Jack?

Dov: I like to play with him.

Ari: What do you like to play?

Dov: Ironman! And running into walls and falling down!

Ari: What is your favorite thing about Jack?

Dov: Giving him hugs.

Ari: Do you think Jack is funny?

Dov: Yes!

Me: What is the funniest thing Jack says?

Dov: (In his deepest voice possible.) “I can’t take it!”

Ari: What do you think Jack should have on his cake?

Dov: I think it is going to be like the bird-day cake at apple seeds. No. I think it is going to have “Eye of the Tiger” on the cake. The Rocky song. That’s what I would have on my cake.

Ari: Do you want to sing Happy Birthday to Jack?

Dov: Yes. Happy Bird-day to you. Happy Bird-day to you. Happy Bird-day to Jaaa-aaaack. Happy Bird-day to you.

Ari: Are you looking forward to Jack’s birthday?

Dov: Yes!

Ari: Why?

Dov: Because I love Jack Berna.

Me: We know you do.


LOVING science class with Jack and Dov

Realizing that 3 1/2 - 4 is the perfect age to be taking it. 

Cannot get enough of their questions, their answers, their observations and their ear-to-ear grins when something explodes!

Science teacher Sarah and Sam are the best. 

Love Wednesdays. So much fun for the little guys (and us too).

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